Happy Thanksgiving!!!


It’s time of Thanksgiving…my first Thanksgiving!

My first original Thanksgiving with my American friends!

Yes, “friends” is the right word. I am not talking about our business in work, but about how many wonderful moments and feelings we share together.

Since I have started this experience with them, I can say to be happy at 100 %!!!

We share our language and culture and there is nothing else but only our pure willing to spend time together, to know each other and our roots, to find in our smiles a link that will live forever!

Because unfortunately the good things come to an end, I can only wish all my dear American friends the best in their lives. They deserve only the best!

I hope they carry in their hearts an indelible memory of our friendship and of Italy.

One day all our dreams will come true and we will meet again, more than before, and still be like a big family.

They came into my life and I wanted to embrace them with all my love.

It is for this reason that today I am grateful.


My first Thanksgiving day is for you, because it is you that I thank.

Happy Thanksgiving Vieda, Marko, Ana, Antonio, Liliana, Javier, Daisy, Juan Carlos, Dave, Colleen, Kristen, Rob, Sara, Jeremy, Vasilena, David, Damon, Eric, Jilberto, Kimberly, Kimberlee and who of you was, is and will be here to enjoy Italy!

With love, Maria 🙂